servicesWe help the operators to sell, and prospective buyers to source for ideal locations & budgets. We provide the services on the following fields:

  1. Childcare Centre
  2. Infant care Centre
  3. Kindergarten
  4. Student Care Centre
  5. Tuition and Enrichment Centre

We follow through the whole process with our clients with smooth transaction till the completion.

As we have more than ten years of experience in helping both the operators and buyers, you’ll be confident and have trust to use our services.  We are also helping with the new operators on the advisory of setting up on the new childcare and infant care centres if the needs arise.

For childcare centre operators:

For childcare centre operators looking to sell off your centre, and if you are planning to sell off your childcare centre, do contact us by clicking here to WhatsApp with your request!

For the childcare operators who are are looking to expanding to a new branch and a new venture, we have the most listings with us. We can assist you with ease, do contact us by clicking here to WhatsApp with your request!

Are you currently finding to takeover an existing childcare centre to save all of the trouble of finding the right location and setting up? Wondering how you can go about with the right process to set up a brand-new childcare centre?

Factors to consider of setting up a brand-new childcare centre can be hectic and troublesome. Childcare centre can be at different properties type like a commercial, industrial, and landed properties. Fire safety certification to SCDF for Fire Safety Plan Approval, road traffic condition checking to URA etc are as important factors to consider. Not forgetting getting with relevant government permits can be troublesome and time-consuming.

Fear no more, you have come to the right place, with more than 15 years of services in the Preschool industry in Singapore, we have served more than 90’s happy customers that constantly came back to us for their business expansion!

Are you familiar with the procedure to set up a brand new childcare centre? Are you finding an existing business to takeover? You are at the right place. will help you find an ideal location.

First of all, if you are setting up a brand new childcare centre, the owner or the applicant has to be at least 21 years old. How to choose a suitable premise? A childcare centre can be located in different kinds of properties. It can either be in an HDB void deck, in commercial properties, residential properties and even in industrial properties. The applicant will have to submit a change of us and get approval from URA.

The ECDA (also known as the Early Childhood Development Agency) will oversee the childcare set up in Singapore. Work on your finances which induced renovation costs, utility rent, security deposit, wages for staff and operational costs. You may visit our Resources page to find for the setup guide. will assist you by finding an ideal location to either find a location for a new business or with the taking over of an existing childcare centre. To find a suitable premise, you may like to visit our available listings page and browse through the district you are interested with.


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