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TypeLocationProperty TypeDesciptionStatus
ChildcareCCKHDB Void deckFor centre extension / New comerNew
Childcare / Infant CareEast CoastOffice BuildingProfitable Child care / Infant CareNew
ChildcareEast CoastShophouseProfitable ChildcareNew
ChildcareHougangHDB Void deckProfitable ChildcareNew
ChildcareUbiB1 IndrustialFor centre extension / New comerNew
ChildcareUpper ThomsonB1 IndustrailFor centre extension / New comerNew
Profitable Group of Child carePrivate EstateLanded house / Shophouse / B1Profitable ChildcareNew
ChildcareSerangoonHDB Void deckProfitable Child careSold
ChildcareAljuniedHDB Commercial
ChildcareAng Mo KioB1 ( suitable: operator, new commer)Sold
ChildcareAng Mo KioCommercialSold
ChildcareBishanLanded, small capacity, establish, profit, autopilo)Sold
ChildcareBishan / MidviewB1 Industrial (Bear unit, no take over fee)Sold
ChildcareBukit BatokLandedSold
ChildcareBukit BatohLanded Sold
ChildcareBukit PanjangRetail Communication CentreSold
ChildcareBukit TimahApartment (Ground Floor)Sold
ChildcareBukit TimahCommercialSold
ChildcareCBDOffice Building FranchiseSold
Childcare' Set Up OnlyCBDOffice BuildingSold
ChildcareChoa Chu KangHDBSold
ChildcareCentralHDB CommercialSold
ChildcareEast CoastLandedSold
ChildcareEast CoastLanded BungalowSold
ChildcareEunos MRT, NearCommercial building, Face Main RoadSold
ChildcareHougangHDB Voideck
ChildcareJurong WestHDBSold
ChildcareKaki BukitIndustrial B1Sold
ChildcareKatong Shopping CentreOffice Bear unit (New Comer, Current Operator)Sold
ChildcarePasir PanjangLandedSold
ChildcarePasir RisLanded HouseSold
ChildcarePasir RisLandedSold
ChildcarePasir RisHDBSold
ChildcareRaffles PlaceCommercialSold
ChildcareRedhillB1 Industrial (Profitable, provide Infant cum Child Care service)
ChildcareThomsonCorner landed, Approval Child care capacity 45+Sold
ChildcareYishunB1 IndustrialSold
ChildcareYishunB1 IndustrialSold
ChildcareTaman JurongHDB Sold
ChildcareTanjong PagarCommercialSold
ChildcareThomsonCommercial B1Sold
ChildcareThomson RoadB1 Franchise (Profitable, Investor, New Comer)Sold
ChildcareWestLanded Private (Profitable, Investor, New Comer, Current Operator )Sold
ChildcareWest CoastLandedSold
ChildcareWest CoastCommercialSold
ChildcareWoodlandHDB Void DeckSold
ChildcareWoodlandHDB (100% assignment, last batch of full assignment, profitable )Sold
ChildcareWoodlandHDB _BombshelterSold
Commercial SchoolTeck WhyeCommercialSold
EnrichmentCommercialPaya LebarSold
Enrichment CentreNewestRetail Space Sold
KindergartenBukit TimahApartment (Ground Floor)Sold
Private SchoolToa PayohHDBSold
Student CareClementiRetail Space, Private LandlordSold
Student CareTampinesHDB Ground Floor Bomb ShelterSold
Studentcare/Tuition CentreChoa Chu KangHDBSold
Student Care & Tuition CentreJurong WestHDBSold
Studentcare Class Room for RentTampinesBlk 201 Street 21Sold
Tuition CentreAng Mo KioHDBSold
Tuition CentreBeach RoadHDBSold
Tuition CentreCentralCommercialSold
Tuition CentreJurong WestHDBSold
Tuition CentreNorthCommercialSold
Tuition CentreTampinesHDBSold
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